Monday, May 26, 2014

A word on Elliot Rodger

It distresses me to say that I'm not surprised that Elliot Rodger, the psychopath who brutally killed six people last week, has achieved a level of fame and notoriety among the bastards of the internet. Mad people have always had a tendency to ally with people who act on their darker instincts, seeing aspects of themselves in their horrible actions and damaged lives.

This is not okay. It's not okay to worship killers and rapists and criminals. Condoning violence against women and banging on about Beta Male Retribution is abysmal. Yet, there is this increasing trend of misogynist bantering and vicious rhetoric that has reached endemic levels, online and offline. It terrifies me, makes me afraid for my female friends and colleagues and family members and neighbours, and makes me genuinely angry.

And I want to make my stand, as both an ex-social outcast who himself nearly went down some dark roads, and as someone who was - and is - considerably unlucky when it comes to romance: I hate him. I hate men like him, and I hate the men who like him, and I hate everything they stand for. Elliot Rodger and his ilk do not represent me, who has been pushed to the limit by my peers and my own uneven mind, nor should they represent anyone ever. They are unhinged, dangerous human beings who should be institutionalized and subjected to the correct levels of electroshock therapy until their brains are realigned into something vaguely mammalian.

Stay Dead, You Utter Bastard.