Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who I Am, April 2013

Good evening,

            My name is Robert and this is my portfolio. Here you can find my fiction and editorials, in which I write in a number of styles and genres, and cover a number of topics. The title of this page is a pun based on my name, which someone in university noted is pronounced “I’ve A Nuke.” To me, this is fitting for a writer, because if the pen is mightier than the sword, then a well-written piece is an atomic bomb. I hope to one day craft that bomb.

            I have a day-job, but writing is my passion. I write articles for the lifestyle and travel website BlogTO. In addition, I have had two of my short stories published in Schlock Magazine, Pass The Can and The Last Living Flesh, and another of my works appeared in The AlchemyPress Book of Pulp Heroes. I also wrote the scripts for the incredibly-rushed short film CONNECT and the pilot episode for the (hopefully) forthcoming web-sitcom TYMania.

            Generally, there are four main categories that I write in on I’ve A Nuke: Flash Fiction (stories, standalone or serialized), Let’s Talk About (editorials), If I Did (re-imaginings), and the much-neglected Poetry Jam (rubbish). I plan to include two more sections in the near future: ScriptKid, which will be film scripts, and Lessons Learned, little anecdotes from my tumultuous life that I hope people will find insightful and entertaining. I usually don’t give people a peek behind the mask, here, but I feel like there are some stories that need to be unleashed into the sunlight. Nothing too personal, mind; and I’ll be damned if I become some horrid blogger banging on about muffin recipes and girls who rejected me. That’s my business, and those are my muffins you little bastard.

            This is where I show you some things you should be reading on I’ve A Nuke if this is your first time here. So here’s my personal pick-and-mix:

·         The Hero
·         Frost Bites
·         L (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four)
·         Confront
·         Rampage
·         Plenty Of Fish
·         Shrapnel
·         The Upset (Part One, Part Two, Part Three)

·         Black Swan (the unofficial Let’s Talk About)
·         Travis Touchdown
·         The Virtual Band
·         Improving Superhero Comics (plus a POSTSCRIPT featuring Marco Attard)
·         The Batman Paradox

·         Twilight
·         The Hangover 2
·         Superman Returns

·         The Streets of Facet City

            Enjoy, and see you next time!