Sunday, March 24, 2013

Movin' very slowly

Hey party people,

 I'm slowly, slowly making my way back to updating this space again. I admit that part of the reason why I stopped updating this so much was due to fatigue. A combination of getting a part-time day job and becoming a full-time writer weighed on me and I couldn't put in the energy I wanted to put in here.

 I do feel a bit different, though. Travelling to Chicago and Europe kicked something in me into overdrive, as did officially becoming part of BlogTO instead of being some random guest contributor. So, I feel a compromise comin' on. Rather than weekly, I'll try to put stuff up on this page monthly (maybe even bi-monthly, if the Muse moves me so). Or, hell, I'll just update at my own speed and forget my self-imposed deadlines. But that wouldn't be very good, would it?

 So. I'm back. Again. After all, I said I would return. So that's one promise kept. Let's see if I can keep it up.

See you next time,