Monday, January 2, 2012

It's 2012 now

Good day,

 Well, New Year's Eve was particularly mental. I ended up heading downtown to that big event at Toronto's City Hall, getting separated from my friends, and spending the countdown wedged between two walls of drunken teenagers and watching the MCs and various music groups traipse about hyping the crowd. I've always been kind of immune to the mass-hypnosis that seems to take place at such events, but being among strangers this time left a surreal taste in my mouth.

 I usually spend New Year's Eve either with friends or with family, so often I end up caught up in their enthusiasm. Alone in Nathan Phillips Square, however, I felt something different. It was like going overseas and witnessing an alien cultural festival unfold while among the locals, whose foreign tongue I could not speak or hope to understand... except I was home, in Toronto, and everyone within earshot was speaking English.

 Either way, it gave me pause. People put all kinds of pressure on 2012 as being a year of great enlightenment, or, depending on which misinformed lunatic you talk to, the year when the planet is supposed to burn. In fairness, either one could happen at this point. The environment has been torn to ribbons and Kim Jong-Un's in power, and yet we're looking at all kinds of social and scientific developments in the works.

 Whatever happens, don't tell yourself that it's because of some metaphysical plan or prophecy. We got here on our own, and whether everything got kicked in motion by an unseen force is not our concern. If the shit hits the fan, I trust that there will be enough of a world left to save. So relax, enjoy yourself. I will.

 Regular updates resume next week, as I've had an irregular past couple of weeks involving my brother coming to town, holiday festivals and parties from here to Kathmandu, and my own father driving over my foot by accident.

 The foot, by the way, is fine. The car, however, is not.

Peace out,


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