Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNoWriMo update and excerpts


 So I'm about 10,230 words into the story so far - I'm behind! That said, I am enjoying it somewhat. Returning to these characters a year later is something of a treat, and introducing the new ones is as aggravating as it is thrilling. So you know what? Here are some excerpts!

 The two main characters, one of whom is suffering from a hangover.


Her phone rang next to her head. Yelping, she clutched her head and gnashed her teeth bitterly. She reached for it blindly, and brought it over her head. Her friend’s name was on the screen. 
            She hit a button and put it to her ear, “Cass?”
            “Crystal, I had so much fun last night!” Cassandra told her. 
            Wincing again, Crystal pulled the phone back an inch. She fumbled to activate the speakerphone mode, and then set it by her face “I’m glad you remember it.”
            “What, you don’t?” 
            “I think I yelled at a black guy at some point?” she recalled, the deep recesses of her memory bringing the image of a dark brown face recoiling in horror into her mind, followed by a blurred platter of pizza, “Then I think we went to Pizza Pizza…?”
“Oh yeah!” Cass laughed, “Fucking hilarious! But no, you don’t remember tearing up the dance floor with us?” 
“Oh, it was great. You did a grind on Victor.” 
She sat right up, “Oh my god Victor touched my bum!
“No, Crystal,” Cass said, You did a grind on Victor.” 
When she connected the dots in her head, she slumped back onto her mattress and slapped her forehead, “Oh god.”
“Yeah, and you stuffed a shot-glass down the front of your pants before you did. So for about five minutes Victor seriously thought that you had a penis.” 
Crystal’s headache became worse, “Nooooooooooooooo.”
“Come on, it was funny.” 
“I’ve got my rep to think about, yooo.”
“Oh, come on, you’re Crystal Qiu. You have no rep.” 
“I want one now. I want yours.
“You don’t want anything I have.” 
“What about your cat?” 
“You want Button? Fuck you, she’s mine.”


 Here are the villains.


            “Seriously?” she said, crossing the room and eying her lover’s work, “We could always just hire a junkie to knife her in an alleyway.” 
            “It’s not enough,” he growled, sloshing the blood across the ground, “I want her hunted. I want her suffering. I want her alone and afraid. I want her clawing the walls, thinking she’s gone mad. This will do nicely.”
            “Didn’t think you would be such a sadist, my love.” 
            “I put a lot of work into Dexter. He was almost ready. He could have been beautiful. She ruined that. So, I’ll ruin her. I trust you don’t mind.”
            She shrugged, “Everyone needs a hobby.”


 And then the main character has a dream!


She dreamt of bodies.
            Not right away, of course. First, she dreamt of a bleached, dry flatland. A pale sun beat against her face. Animal skulls and human arm bones lay around her, rising from the ground like weeds. A tuft of grass waved in the distance. 
Under the heat, her clothes melted away like ice. It became a liquid, seeping into the earth, getting drunk between the cracks. She covered herself and looked to the sky for answers. Storm-clouds were gathering in a once-cloudless sky. Lightning struck the air.
            When she looked down, she was in a black sundress dress with red linings. She brushed her fingers through her hair and felt a ribbon. 
Then the bodies fell.
Dried-up bodies, gray and long-dead fell from the sky like rain. Like her, they were in red and black dresses, ribbons tied loosely to their heads. They piled on top of each other. Some broke when they landed, sending bits of finger or knees or teeth flying through the air. Ribbons drifted down around them. 
Then fell other bodies. These were fresh bodies, pale fleshy things with all their hair and all their teeth, but still in black and red dresses like the rest of them. They crashed into the other bodies like rocks against sticks, sending more bones and skin strips scattering across the desert. A rib flew in the air and landed at her feet. 
Hands to her chest, Crystal approached with caution.
Her heart sped up when she recognized them.


 That's all I'm showing right now. Expect something different next week.

See you next time!


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