Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In which I drop everything and make a public service announcement.

I wanted this to be longer. I played with some ideas and wanted to do another satire in the vein of my last Ford-related post, but I felt that shooting from the hip would be more effective than dancing around the issue.

I think it’s time for a public service announcement.

            Long-time readers should know by now that I loathe and despise our new mayor. There was a period sometime in March where my disdain for this man was slowly bubbling down, and I thought to myself “Well, this isn’t nearly as bad as I thought, but let’s see where he goes next.”

            And then came his outright snubbing of the gay community, and the wave of announcements to cut funding to community housing, and then, I shit you not, to fire services, day care, and parks.

Do not be alarmed, dear reader. That loud crashing noise you heard was the sound of my face slamming against the desk in disgust.

Ford, I hope you’re reading this: You are an utterly despicable human being and I hope and pray that you find yourself hit in the face with a colostomy bag once a day, every day, until you resign.

Back to my regular readers, now: When all this is over, I hope we still have a city to live in. With the way Ford is running things, we might have that taken from us too. While you’re at it, why not sign this online petition to keep Mayor Ford from privatizing libraries? Yes, that’s also on his agenda. And yes, we can stop it, but only if we try.

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