Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seoul Survivor, Part One

I slept for maybe four or five hours the night before. For me, this is a rarity. For my travelling companion, this is a blessing; insomnia does wonderful things for a man.

Officially, I have been awake for twenty six and a half hours. I don’t care. I’m thirteen hours into the future, and the future looks a hell of a lot like South Korea.

So here’s what happened: after an excruciating but entertaining day tallying votes for the Federal Election (Harper getting in was not my fault; blame everyone else), I came home to find my friend (whom I shall name Commodore Getsmoney) and his bags packed up and ready to go. We had been plotting this trip for some time after one of our number decided to fly overseas to teach English and reunite with his parents.  The drive to Pearson Airport was dreary, what with the rain and that horrible Frankenstein’s monster of a human being, that soulless automaton powered by your money winning a majority, but we tried to make the most of it. You know, as I personally planned my self-exile.

Let’s skip ahead and talk about vehicles. Specifically, how I cannot sleep in them. If the bumps and turns aren’t enough to keep me awake, then the lack of legroom will do the trick. Road trips are impossible for me; I need a bed to sleep in or I will not sleep. So, on a twelve hour flight I had no choice but to watch the in-flight movie selections of The Green Hornet (eh), True Grit (ah!), and Made in Dagenham (ohho). Repeatedly. In English, then again in the Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese dubs.

Wait, why Portuguese? Korea’s nowhere near Portugal, are there a bunch ofNO STOP TYPING FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS RARRARAAR

So The Commodore and I arrived and met our other friend, an old high school associate of mine whom I shall list here as High Chancellor Manybitches. HCMB has been expecting us for a year, and it showed. The man beamed like we descended from the heavens and was quick to load us up with transit cards and a quick tour of the surrounding areas by our hostel, treating us to damn near everything we could get our hands on.

On arrival at the hostel, I ended up discovering that the place had become a sort of chain and the first guesthouse was for one set of customers while another sat ten minutes from the initial location. Anyway, The Commodore and I ended up interviewed by two students/friends of the hosts who were going around asking foreigners their opinions on Korean culture, so I may be on Youtube and such an idea scares me down to the bone.

I’m only a day into my adventure in Seoul but so far I don’t mind the place. The venues have ridiculous names like SKIN FOOD and THE NO STRESS KITCHEN, and our hostel hosts are generous. I’m, of course, waiting for the hammer to fall but I hope it does not come to that.

Oh yes, and about our hostel: a clerical error resulted in Getsmoney and me sharing a room with only one bed. Guess who volunteered to sleep on the floor immediately after discovering this? Good thing they gave me another blanket to sleep on; I'm a hefty lad.

edit, May 05th 2011: noticed a half-sentence and finished it. hahahhahaha exhaustion

EDIT: May 20, 2012. Little edits.

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