Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Jam - Trap

Good morning,

 A week involving two films, yard work, extensive city-wide travelling, and a little project called The Midnight Equation left me winded. That, and I've been cobbling information together for next week's Let's Talk About, which you will hopefully enjoy.

 As such I've only had time for a poem. Put down the torches and have a gander.


We say our vows in heat of night
And once again in black and white
We curse each other in morning sun
Swear our oaths when day is done
All our smiles tell not of the fight
Over who was that bitch last night
We tell our friends that it is fate
But know it is newfangled hate
And we could leave; this we know
But there is nowhere else to go


See you next time,


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