Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flash Fiction - L

Good evening.

 Here's a brief one.


            It sounded like a cat giving birth to an active chainsaw while a synthesizer wailed in the background. The noise from my friend’s bedroom was deafening. I didn’t know what the occasion was and I didn’t care. It had been a long day and the last thing I needed was that twat messing with my sleep schedule.
Turning and cussing in my mattress, I struggled to keep my eyes shut. Opening them would mean waking up. Obstinate in my fight for rest, I refused to admit that I was awake. Finally, I tilted my head and stared to the side.
            My clock-radio read 1:07 AM. This had to stop.
I pulled myself out from underneath my sheets and groaned something long and bitter. Tripping over one of my feet, I stumbled into my door and snatched up my house-coat. I was in the hall in seconds. Furious, I rounded a corner and rapped my knuckles against his pine door.
            “Turn that down!” I shouted, “Turn it down or I’m calling the cops!”
            My best friend and roommate opened the door ever-so slightly. I was treated to a pale man in his twenties wearing only shorts (and half-sprung, of all things) and scratching his chin.
            “Dude, what?”
            “I have to wake up at 5. I need sleep. This is not sleeping. Turn that down or turn it off.”
            “C’mon, it’s my favourite band.”
            “It’s cacophonous. It feels like my immune system is dying.”
            “I think I have AIDS. Your music gave me AIDS, Mark.”
            “Guy, why do you gotta come in here with that bleak shit when I’m enjoying myself?”
            “What possible reason do you have to enjoy yourself?”
            “I dropped the ‘L’ word on Haruka today.”
            “The T.V. show? I don’t know she was a fan.”
            “No, no, the actual ‘L’ word.”
            I thought about that for a second. “Liturgy?”
            “Love, idiot! I told her I loved her!”
            “Oh,” I grunted, slightly disappointed.
            He started waving one of his arms in conjunction to his speech. “I spent a year and a half trying to figure out where we stood, right? We hashed it out, and she tells me that her dad now knows about me and accepts me! Imagine! And, I dunno, I just dropped it! Right there!”
“I know, right! I’m in love, man! This is big!”
“I’m sure someone finds that amazing.”
“Hey, man, be happy for me!”
“I’ll be happy later.”
“Oh, you’re just mad because of what happened with Sylvia.”
My lip twitched. These were rough rivers my roommate led me down. I warned him not to say that name in my presence (begged, even), but I guess he never clued in.
I have no idea how I looked at that moment, but it was probably very similar to a kicked puppy. His eyes were disgustingly sympathetic. “It’s time to move on, man.”
“It may be,” I mumbled.
“Haruka and I were talking about it, too. We need to introduce you to a nice girl.”
“I can make my own failures, thank you.”
“Don’t be like that. We’ll talk about it in the morning.”
“This is the morning. Deal with me later if you can be arsed to.”
“Gotcha. Good night Jeff.”
I dragged myself back to my room feeling worse than before. Hanging my housecoat on the hook, I threw my stupid body onto the bed and groaned.
As sleep grabbed me, I began to realize that I was incredibly lonely.


 I just realized that I'm going to work in the morning, too. THIS MEANS SOMETHING.*

See you next time,


* No.

EDIT: May 17, 2012. Did some more edits. Yay?

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