Friday, December 3, 2010

Tonight's Episode: Should've Seen It Coming

Good evening.

 Well I knew this would happen, but I didn't want to admit it. I did end up neglecting this blog in favour of pursuits beyond the Internet. Somehow the idea of a regular schedule when it comes to posting online does not click with me, which is hypocritical because I frequently harass people on websites like Facebook and YouTube without needing reminders.

 But then something magical happened. I followed Echobunny's advice and decided to contribute to National Novel Writer's Month, an online challenge wherein everyone with a keyboard and an ego is tasked to write fifty thousand words in thirty days. I decided "hell with it" and got on, further abandoning the blog like a chump.

 On Monday, I had submitted my monster, The Anti-Cupboard of Cassandra Dalton, to the site. It was 51,735 words. I'm still editing this; it's growing.

 And then I had a revelation about this site.

 You see I had set up my account as Private because I had a couple of short story excerpts on here that I wanted to submit to some magazines, magazines that frown on the work existing anywhere and in any form, be it a blog post or another magazine, before being brought to them for consideration. So in my panic, I boarded up the windows and doors and kept myself locked inside.

 After finishing my NaNoWriMo story, I realized that this will not do. I need discipline. I need to be able to sit myself down and say I can manage and cultivate this side of cyberspace for a greater good. So I'm reopening the doors, taking down the old content, and I'm sitting myself down to write something new every week. Flash fiction, editorials, whatever.

 This is my early Christmas present to you, Internet.

 Expect new things from me in the future. I'll make a hundred notes of it so I don't end up dipping my head in paint thinner instead of maintaining an online journal-portfolio thing.  Not very professional of me if I keep getting distracted.

 The bitch is back. See you next time.


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